If you’re looking for 100% all natural bacon,
you’ve come to the right place.

It’s no secret Kiwi’s have a real thing for our bacon, and for good reason. Our free-farmed bacon is some of the best bacon to come our of New Zealand. And it’s 100% all natural too. Go on. Give it a try

We’re putting it all on display.

You may have noticed we’ve changed our look a little. Our new packaging is transparent, which means it has nothing to hide, and our well-earned SPCA tick means we don’t either.

Kiwis want to know what they’re eating — what goes in it and where it comes from. And we make it easy by being 100% locally sourced and all natural. That means you get all of the great Kiwi Bacon flavour you’ve come to know and love, without all the other stuff you don’t.

All natural means all natural

All of our bacon is ethically farmed from the exact same place — a little farm in North Canterbury. And we only use 100% natural ingredients, which means:

  1. No synthetic ingredients
  2. No artificial preservatives
  3. No added nitrates
  4. No artificial colours
  5. No artificial flavours