Let's Talk Bacon

If you’ve ever taken a bite of Kiwi Bacon and stopped to consider why it tastes so darn good – here’s why

What’s best for our pigs is best for you

  • There’s no stalls and no crates on our farm
  • Our piglets are bred in paddocks
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% free farmed

We’re putting it all on display

We’re independently audited, 100% locally sourced and all natural. That means you get all of the great Kiwi Bacon flavour you’ve come to know and love, without any nasty chemical preservatives, synthetic ingredients, or growth hormones, as well as and no added nitrites that you might find in other brands.

The History of Bacon

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that people have been eating bacon for a while now – dating way back to around 1500 BC. The term bacon was an English term used well into the 16th century to refer to all pork. Today it’s more associated as a cured meat from the backside of a pig, and eaten as a part of a delicious breakfast. But that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying it at lunch, dinner or in the middle of the night when they’re up nosey-ing about the fridge.

How’s Bacon Made?

First, the meat is cured. This preserves it, boosts the flavour and helps to make the meat tender. It’s then massaged to help the brine soak in, then smoked using traditional smoking methods which adds colour and flavour. It’s then sliced, packed, and off to find its way to a table near you.

How to Store Bacon?

You can get 5 days out of your bacon if you put any unused pieces into an airtight container after opening (of course, you’d be doing well to stop yourself from eating it all in one go). It’ll also last up to 6 months in the freezer.

Going Bacon Shopping?

When you’re out looking for bacon, make sure that’s all you’re getting. Lower quality bacon often contains excess water, called purge, meaning it’s been pumped with brine. You’ll be happy to know that anything that has our KIWI logo on it has no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavours and no artificial colours. It’s all natural. The way it should be.

What’s The Best Way To Cook Bacon?

Take the bacon out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking. If it’s a little cold it’ll take longer to cook and meat always tastes better when it’s closer to room temp. From here you can fry, bake or microwave your bacon to your liking – just remember to keep a close eye on it.

Here are a few tips for the best results:

  • Cook slowly and keep turning it to reduce shrinkage
  • Prick it with a fork to prevent curling
  • Drain bacon on paper towels once it’s cooked

What’s Free Farmed Bacon?

Free Farmed refers to sows being farmed outdoors in paddocks, with shelter provided to protect them from the elements, along with huts for breeding. Here the sows can move freely from their shelters to the paddock. Most importantly, there are no stalls or crates to be seen. We think it’s a pretty good place to farm bacon, and others seem to think so too, with our place picking up the title of the South Island Farmers of the Year award.