What's so special about Kiwi Bacon?

Read on to see how our Kiwi history, our standards and our sheer love of good bacon set us above the rest.

About Us

It’s no secret, Kiwis have a real thing for our bacon. Whether it’s the childhood memories of Dad cooking up bacon and eggs, the iconic kiwi that made it’s first appearance on top of our factory and still lives on the front of every pack we sell, or the solid, unwavering quality of the stuff we love over the years, New Zealand just can’t get enough of Kiwi Bacon.

100% New Zealand Free Farmed Bacon

Today, Kiwi stands for quality 100% New Zealand farmed bacon. To make sure we’re giving you just what you expect from every pack, we source all our bacon from the exact same place, a little farm in Northern Canterbury. That’s no accident either – we wanted to give Kiwis a bacon they could be proud of, so we only settled for the best when it came to where we get it. We got it right too, because Patoa Farm won South Island Farmers of the Year 2014.

SPCA Approved Bacon

We’re also rather proud of our new 100% Free Farmed label, meaning we don’t use sow stalls or crates – piglets are bred in paddocks and raised in eco barns. We’re also one of the few companies in New Zealand that produces SPCA approved bacon. They even gave us a tick for it.