If you want ham, you’ve come to the right place

Ham on the bone – half size

Available in 4kg approx.

This delicious leg of ham is 100% free farmed, free from crates and stalls, and at 4 kgs, might just be the perfect amount of pork for a small family gathering. Manuka Smoked, great for glazing, and can be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Royal Carve – half and quarter size

Available in 3.3kg or 1.4kg approx.

Get Christmas sorted with this ultra popular boneless leg of ham. Lean and great for glazing, the Kiwi Royal Carve comes in two sizes – 3.3 kg Half and 1.4 kg Quarter – both of which are 100% New Zealand free farmed from our place in North Canterbury, free from stalls and crates.

Roast Ham

Available in 1.2kg approx.

Nothing says Christmas like a free farmed Kiwi Roast Ham fresh out the oven. This 1.2kg boneless leg of ham is the leaner choice in our range and is the best option for heating and glazing.

Midi Champagne Ham

Available in 5.5kg approx.

No matter how good Mums pavlova is, the real star of Christmas is our Midi Champagne Ham. At 5.5 kgs it’s ideal for smaller families, and is exceptionally easy to carve, making any rookie butcher look like an instant Master Chef. Manuka Smoked, great for glazing, and 100% free farmed from our little farm in North Canterbury.

Champagne Ham

Available in 9kg approx.

This magnificent piece of free farmed champagne ham will sit proudly in the centre of your Christmas dining table. Great for glazing and easy to carve, this Manuka Smoked leg of ham can be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Ham on the bone – whole size

Available in 8kg approx.

A Kiwi classic. This 8 kg of Manuka Smoked, 100% free farmed New Zealand pork will put a mouth watering smile on everyone’s face when it’s presented to them on Christmas Day. While there’s every chance that it’ll go in one sitting, you’ll be happy to know that it’s good to go throughout the holidays however you do your leftovers.